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Send me an DM on reddit with the following information: Device Operating system Content url description and i will investigate and fix the problem
Can i send you stuff
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How does the vault work ?

For the vault you need to verify

send an email to

Subject: i want in:{username}

with a picture of your face holding up a piece of crumpled paper which contains

*your username

If you dont have access in 24h dm me on reddit

i forgot my password

automatic  password reset is disabled for security reasons

dm me on reddit or just start a chat i usually respond within4/8 hours

I just purchased a membership but haven’t received my username/password

Yeasure has a busy life and needs to add your profile manually and email this to you

DM me if you don’t have access within 12H after the payment and make sure to check your spam folder


Please check the FAQ before contacting us
Need help?
Send a DM to u/clubyea_admin with your email and username

club yea

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